Product Tour

1. Introduction

In order to achieve a more declarative application development platform, Dataphor provides an environment for describing applications in terms of the core structures and logic required. These descriptions are called application schemas and are stored and maintained centrally. These application schemas can then be mapped onto existing database systems to provide storage and integration capabilities, and consumed by Dataphor clients to provide the presentation layer of the application.

This chapter provides an overview of what the Dataphor product is, and how it enables declarative development using the concept of an application schema. The first section provides an architectural overview of the product, introducing the components of the architecture. Each component is then considered in detail in the following sections.

This chapter is intended to be read by Dataphor developers and administrators, and provides a big-picture overview of the entire product. No prior knowledge of the Dataphor platform is necessary to understand the material covered in this chapter.

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