1. Summary

Dataphoria is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Dataphor platform. Dataphoria connects with instances of the Dataphor Server for administration, and can host an in-process Dataphor Server instance for testing and development. The environment provides user interfaces for building and maintaining the application schema, as well as a visual forms designer for building and customizing presentation layer forms.

Dataphoria provides a hierarchical representation of the catalog of a Dataphor Server instance. This view, called the Dataphor Explorer, is used to navigate and manage the objects in the catalog. User-interfaces are provided to manage various aspects of the Dataphor Server such as library and document management; application installation, upgrading, and configuration; and security management.

Dataphoria exposes the document system introduced by the Frontend Server in much the same way that an operating system shell provides a frontend for the file system. The IDE includes various designers for use in creating and manipulating documents, as well as user interfaces for managing documents such as moving, renaming, and deleting documents.

Dataphoria also enables ad-hoc query capabilities using the D4 Script Editor. Arbitrary statements can be executed against the Dataphor Server, and if desired, the results of those operations displayed within the IDE.

Applications can be installed, configured and tested using the Dataphoria IDE. A special version of the Windows Client can be launched directly from the IDE to enable testing, as well as on-the-fly development.

It is worth noting that the Dataphoria IDE is itself a Dataphor Frontend Client, and the majority of the user interfaces exposed in the IDE are derived from the system catalog of the Dataphor Server.

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