Presentation Layer

1. Summary

This part of the Dataphor Developer’s Guide focuses on the presentation layer of Dataphor applications. It discusses presentation layer architecture and features, as well as techniques for achieving re-use through the application of metadata tags.

The discussions contained in this part assume a basic familiarity with the conceptual model of application development presented in the introductory part of this guide. In addition, the material covered in the Logical Application Design part of the guide will be referenced extensively.

This part of the guide is organized as follows:


This chapter describes how Dataphor applications work from the Frontend perspective. It covers the various components of the architecture that enable the automated application development achieved by the platform, and covers the preliminaries necessary to begin building the presentation layer of a Dataphor application.

Putting It All Together

This chapter builds the presentation layer of the Shipping application from start to finish, providing an in-depth example of using the Dataphor platform to build a real-world application.

The Automation of Forms

This chapter discusses the process of user interface derivation in detail, including how it can be controlled using metadata tags.

The Space Between the Data

This chapter discusses three important features of the Dataphor platform: Navigational Access, Application Transactions, and Proposable Interfaces.

The aim of each of these chapters is to provide the developer with an overall understanding of how the architecture enables Automated Application Development (AAD). This understanding will in turn help the developer take advantage of the features available in the platform, and produce more efficient, more maintainable applications.

The running example introduced in the Logical Application Design part of this guide will again be used as a vehicle for explaining the concepts and techniques discussed in this part.

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