1. Summary

Welcome to Dataphor’s documentation suite.

We’ve divided our documentation into three main categories:

User’s Guide

Introduces Dataphor and provides usage guidance.

This Guide provides the following:

  • An overview of the motivation behind Dataphor

  • A Dataphor platform introduction, covering the anatomy of a Dataphor application and providing tutorials

  • A section on using applications built with Dataphor, including Dataphor Server administration

Developer’s Guide

Discusses the declarative approach employed in Dataphor as a solution to many of the technical problems associated with producing software.

It is primarily intended to be read by software engineers; however, much of the material is pertinent for application and database administrators as well.

Dataphor Reference

Dataphor Reference documents the Dataphor product, including the Call-Level Interface (CLI), Dataphor Frontend, Tags, documentation for all the libraries that ship with the Dataphor product, as well as class references for using Dataphor’s Data Access Layers (DAL) from a Microsoft .NET language such as C#.

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